A grief-stricken Gold Star father’s commitment to avenge his son’s death takes a series of shocking turns when he schemes to truck bomb a mosque.

After his son is killed in action by a blast in Afghanistan, Pap, a grief-stricken widower ditches his young granddaughter, Ricki, with her estranged aunt and sets out on a secret mission to truck bomb a mosque as evening prayers let out.

His plan nearly derails when, enabling the bomb in his truck bed, he finds Ricki stowed away in his explosives, clueless of her granddaddy’s scheme. She wants to be with him.But hellbent on revenge, he drags her away from the blast zone and ducks into position.

Pap is hunkered down, his thumb just millimeters from pressing his remote button. Prayers end. Pap’s enemy streams out. His anguish will soon be gone.

Out of nowhere, just feet from him, a young Muslim boy appears. The two lock eyes—and in a flash, Pap’s world changes world is forever.

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